Navient Login at

Navient is an official Website where Navient customers can login to Access account & to navigate your student loans. The customer can expect a perfect guide to access My Account Navient login which can be done with simple & easy steps. Just head over to of  Navient to login and enter into your employee ID and password. If you are not Member of ID, you can not directly login into the website, We provided a link to register Navient as well. It is easy to register and login into the Navient Login official website, This way proceeds to register on via Once you registered successfully you can log in to your Consumer panel using the username and password and got to My Account to navigate your student loans. 

Navient log in:

  1. Go to Navient.
  2. Click on the Navient log in link.
  3. Read the instructions for the user ID and password.
  4. Enter the user ID, the ID must be 9-digits long and Unique.
  5. Now enter the password and click on the Login button.
  6. Once you logged in you can able to access ” My Account “.

How To Register Navient Login into

  1. At first, Go to the Navient official website and click on the Signup for Navient or
  2. The Registration for Navient is free, to initiate the registration process you need Federal Tax ID for Expedited Registration.
  3. Federal Tax ID also asks for the Aetna claim, you may still eligible for Navient even if you don’t have the Aetna claim.
  4. In the first step you need to Provide the details about you, first select the answer for “How did you find out about NaviNet” in the Drop-down box.
  5. Provide Prefix, First name, Last Name, Suffix without any Mistake as per your Federal Tax ID.
  6. Now enter the Title.
  7. By providing a Valid Email address and Working Phone Number it will ease to connect you easily.
  8. Once provided the details click on the Next Button.
  9. In the Next page, you will be asked for the details of your Office, enter the Required details and click on the Next button to proceed.
  10. Select the Appropriate Health Plans and Products and continue.
  11. Complete the Security Verification process and click on the Submit button.
  12. Once after you completed the Verification process you once will get a Validation code to your Mobile number which you have given in the registration process. Enter the Number and Finish the Registration process.

Reset the Navient Login Password:

  • If you forget NaviNet password or username you can reset your username & password with your previously established security questions which you preferred at the Time of registration.
  • Go to the US bank credit Login site at
  • If in case you are a first time user of NaviNet or already tried to reset the password several times then please contact NaviNet Security Officer. Only the NaviNet Security Officer can reset your username or password.
  • If you are not sure how to contact the NaviNet officer then Contact the Customer Support of NaviNet at 888-482-8057

Complete the NaviNet Login to navigate your student loans and Make sure to get benefited by reading this article, once you completed the Procedure at Official NaviNet site you can login to the website navigate your student loans on My Account online. To log in to the NaviNet, you need to follow the above Instructions carefully. We shared the Direct NaviNet Login Page to help consumers to navigate your student loans. To login into more portal do visit